To obtain samples for transcriptional analysis and proteomics in triplicate from Calu-3 cells infected with  A/VN/1203/04 H5N1virus

Overview of Experiment:
Time Points = 0, 3, 7, 12, 18, and 24 hrs post infection.
Done in triplicate for both RNA and Protein
Triplicates are defined as 3 different wells, plated at the same time using the same cell stock for all replicates.
Time matched mocks done in triplicate from same cell stock as rest of samples.
Culture medium (the same as what the virus stock is in) will be used for the mock infections.

In addition to microarray analysis and global proteomics, we have the following metadata.

  • Viral titers derived from plaque assays
  • Relative amounts of viral RNA (qPCR assays)
  • Cytopathic effects (CPE)
These data are available below.

Viral Growth Curve 

Inadvertently, samples for plaque assays were not collected for the 0 and 3 h time points in this experiment.  This graph has data from this experiment (ICL004) and a comparable earlier experiment (ICL002) in which we  have viral titers for the earlier time points.  For both experiments the MOI was 1.0.  Attached it the excel file containing these data.

  Attached Files  
 Viral titers.xls

Viral RNA 

See the vRNA and mRNA worksheets in the attached Excel workbook below for raw and processed data.

  Attached Files  
 Sys Bio_ICL004_qPCR_analysis(LL).xls

CPE Estimation 

CPE estimate of ICL004 experiment:

MOI (pfu/cell)0h3h7h12h18h24h