Study Design 


To test our hypotheses that major components of the extracellular matrix remodeling pathways are important for SARS-CoV and Influenza pathogenesis in mice.

Overview of Experiment:

  • Groups of 20 week old C57BL/6 or PLAT knockout mice will be infected with 10^5 PFU of MA15 or mock infected. 
  • This is a 1 log higher dose than was previously tested in these mice. 
  • Mice will be euthanized on days 4 and 7 post infection to measure virus load and isolate samples for measurement of virus load, lung pathology,transcriptional and proteomics analysis. 
  • Mock infected animals will also be harvested at each timepoint. 
  • Mice will be weighed every 24 hours to measure general disease progression and any mouse approaching 30% weight loss will be euthanized.

Weight loss and survival data is available in the sub-folder on the right.

Microarray data is also available.