Experiment Overview 

Purpose: To investigate differences between wild type MA15 infection of C57BL/6 mice and selected knockout mice.

Experimental Design:

  • Groups of 10 week old C57BL/6 mice, IRF3, Tnfrsf1b or Indo knockout mice will be infected MA15 at a dose of 10^5 PFU or mock infected.
  • Mice will be euthanized on days 4 and/or 7 post infection to measure virus load and isolate samples for measurement of virus load, lung pathology,  transcriptional and proteomics analysis.  Mock infected animals will also be harvested at each time point. 
  • Mice will be weighed every 24 hours to measure general disease progression and any mouse approaching 30% weight loss will be euthanized.


Microarray data is also available.

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