Experimental Metadata 

Here are the mouse body weight measurements (% of initial weight), viral titer measurements, viral mRNA levels, genomic RNA levels determined for each sample of the 'ST003' analysis.


Sample collection:

Three to five mice from both mock-infected and infected groups were euthanized at days 1, 2, 4 and 7 post-infection, and lungs were harvested and divided into multiple lobes for virus titration, RNA extraction or protein extraction. For each wild-type or mutant virus, infections were performed in independent experiments, and the same lung lobe was collected for each analysis method from every mouse. Importantly, we did not detect any differences in the amount of virus recovered from any lung lobe, indicating there was no bias in the distribution of viral infection in the mouse lungs. Individual or group mouse body weights were collected on a daily basis to monitor the disease course, and mice were humanely euthanized upon reaching the experimental endpoint (i.e., sample collection or severe clinical symptoms).

Protocols ICL001.0P and TCL003.02P were used for the viral titer  or the viral mRNA and viral genomic RNA measurements.  This protocols can be found here.

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