Proteomic Analysis 

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Attached is a Powerpoint file that describes the filtering, normalization and statistics for the ICL004 proteomic data set. 


Attached is an Excel spreadsheet ICL004_Proteomics_Data_Normalized.xlsx with the normalized intensity values for all 21005 peptides that passed filtering criteria.  Data are unlog-transformed intensity values, averages of technical replicates.  Missing values were unidentified peptides in all technical replicates of that sample. The tabs include all biological replicate values, group average intensity values, and p-values for both ANOVA (abundance change) and G-test (present in one group more than another) with FDR correction for Infected vs Mock.  The last tab gives p-values for the time-dependent significant peptides in the infected group with G-test.  These significant peptides are present/absent differentially between early and late infection.


Attached is an Excel spreadsheet ICL004_Proteomics_Significant_Peptides.xlsx with fold change calculations for the ANOVA significant list (flu vs mock) and intensity values for G-test significant list (flu vs mock) and VN1203 time effect (early vs late infection).  Refer to powerpoint file above for the methods.


  Attached Files  
 ICL004 proteomics_QC_Stats_042010.pptx
 ICL004_Proteomics_Significant Peptides-1.xlsx